Our city deserves progressive, enthusiastic & thoughtful representation.

Local government is the first stop for change.  As a citizen who believes communities are stronger when they are diverse, welcoming, generous & informed, I feel compelled to speak up and get involved. If elected to La Marque City Council, I plan to listen to the folks living in District D and encourage them to contribute their ideas, hopes & dreams for our shared city.

Together, we can cultivate a hopeful, progressive & prosperous future for La Marque, a city I'm proud to call home.

The government is us; WE are the government, you and I.
— Theodore Roosevelt


Find out about Casey's current roles within our Galveston County community & why she's interested in joining La Marque City Council

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Take Action

I'm no longer taking monetary donations, but this grassroots campaign can always use a few more enthusiastic folks to walk the neighborhood!

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